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Sustainable Tourism Made Easy is on a mission to make sustainable tourism a common practice among tour operators, accommodation providers and tourism destinations around the world, regardless of their size and location.

We want to achieve it by providing tourism professionals with necessary knowledge, tools and solutions to implement sustainable practices in the easiest and most time-efficient way.
Maximum results with minimum effort
We know your pain points and daily struggles, so all our courses are designed to help you reach best results with minimum investment.
Sustainable tourism is a wide topic. There is a lot of theory out there but we share with you only relevant information, not less and not more than necessary for you to reach results quickly.
We share with you easily applicable instruments and proven to be successful solutions, adapted from sustainable tourism world's best practices. No need to reinvent the wheel! We have templates and management tools ready to use.
Our advice always takes into consideration your specific needs, your size, resources as well the industry and geo-political context in which you operate. We are ready to deliver custom training programs to meet your expectations.
Global Sustainable Tourism Council - Member
Sustainable Tourism Made Easy is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and in everything we do, we follow international sustainable tourism standards and best practices.
Anula Galewska
Founder & Trainer
Anula is a tour-entrepreneur and a sustainable tourism consultant. For over 10 years, she has been providing strategic advise and training to tourism destinations, hotels and tour operators from over 80 countries, helping them improve their sustainability operations and marketing. Previously to launching Sustainable Tourism Made Easy, she has co-founded Travindy, a sustainable tourism news site and worked with Travel Massive and Urban Adventures (Intrepid Group).

Anula holds a Master's Degree in Responsible Tourism Management from the Leeds Beckett University, UK, and in Sociology from the University of Lodz, Poland.

She is frequent speaker at international tourism events and conferences, including ITB Berlin, WTM London, Arival Event, Web in Travel, among others.

Anula is amazed by the world's beauty and wants everyone else to experience it too. That's why she promotes tourism as a tool for bringing more joy and wealth to people and places.

Her favorite motto is "This is your world. Shape it or someone else will." (Gary Lew)

Connect with Anula on LinkedIn.
Maria Sirotkina
Growth and Engagement Strategist
Maria Sirotkina, MBA - a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and IE Business School (Madrid). Founder of the first Russian specialised tour operator for education abroad, Jey Study and the international network of Jey Camps. Maria lives in Lisbon and works in the field of international vocational education.
Yana Zlatoustova
Online Program Coordinator
Yana graduated from the IMI Swiss Business School in Lucerne with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism. She has worked with well-known brands, including Lotte, The Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. Yana is based in Moscow and believes that building relationships is the key to the successful growth of any organisation .
Laura Humphreys
Research (Intern)
Laura is currently pursuing her master's degree in Global Sustainability and Tourism at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Prior to relocating to Denmark, Laura lived near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, for many years where she saw both the positive and negative impacts of tourism on the environment. Laura is committed to developing her skills towards regenerative business and tourism practices.
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Why I launched Sustainable Tourism Made Easy? I am an optimisation and automation freak. I love when knowledge is structured and can be shared easily with anyone, at any time. I am also extremely practical. While working as a consultant, I kept creating new training materials, as there were no ready to use resources and solutions designed for tour operators and hoteliers. As necessity is the mother of invention, I decided to create my own sustainability know-how base, with ready presentations, tools and case studies, which I can easily use for different clients. In the same time, I kept being asked to give presentations and workshops at a number of industry conferences. It was a high time to share my know-how with a wider audience. The increasing demand for sustainable tourism knowledge with my own need to create useful resources, brought me to launching Sustainable Tourism Made Easy, practical, online trainings and workshops for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Anula Galewska
Founder & Trainer
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