Whether you a 5-star hotel or a hostel, for hundreds of guests or a boutique guest house, we can definitely help you save costs and grow your business. The only requirement - you need to be interested in becoming more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
Save money by implementing eco-friendly solutions. Increase your guests satisfaction (and your ratings) by showing them how you care about ecology, your employees and community.
We will help help your hotel become greener and your lower risks in your supply chain We will train your staff on sustainability matters and help you get certified with the leading international certification program for accommodations.

Sustainability courses for accommodations
We offer sustainability training for accommodations, willing to improve their sustainability performance and marketing. All courses are available as in-house workshops or online webinars. In addition to our featured programs, we can develop a custom training for you and your team. All trainings are aligned with Global Sustainable Tourism Council's Criteria for Hotels.
Sustainable tourism
crash course
A quick win for the beginners.
This course is designed for tourism and hospitality businesses, which are willing to learn the foundations of sustainable tourism and implement the minimum sustainability standards in the quickest and simplest way. If you want to become a responsible company but don't have much time to learn, research and make mistakes - this is your shortcut!
Managing sustainability
in a hotel
A deep dive for sustainability managers.
This is an in-depth course that combines sustainable tourism standards and practices with the principles of creating shared value and purpose-led business.This course will help you integrate sustainability into your hotel's daily operations, reduce costs, engage your staff, your supply chain, and use all for marketing and sales.
Reducing plastic
in hotel operations
All about single-use plastics.
This course will help you cut costs and increase your brand standards by reducing single-use plastics from your hotel operations. You will leave with practical solutions on how to remove plastics from rooms, restaurants and public spaces. You will learn how to communicate it to your guests and get them on board.

Sustainability certification for accommodations

We help tourism businesses get certified with the internationally-recognised sustainability certification schemes, recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, as well for SUP-FREE, a tird-party certification for hotels which have eliminated single-use plastic from their operations. We assist hotels and accommodation owners with a necessary baseline analysis, creating sustainability strategy and action plan, and preparing necessary documentation required in the certification process.
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